A married bisexual man

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With life going on the memory become more and more blurry. I’m about 40 years old. There are many questions in my mind and confused me. I’m very scare that something would happen in the future. If I’m die suddenly, I cannot speak out the words that in my mind for a long time. I want write down the words about journey of my heart. With other bisexual can learn about something from it.

I had married for 9 years. My child is going to primary school this year. I should be a happiness bisexual man. My parents are teacher. And I finished my study without a hitch. I became a lawyer after graduating from college. I had been a lawyer for 10 years. Even just an assistant. I’m not very rich, nor poor. I give all my income to my wife, and leave a little part for bus. Sometimes I will go hiking and chatting with my friends. I don’t like to go shopping unless it’s necessary. 

Although my material lust just so-so. But my sex lust is very strong. From 14 years old I was masturbation every week. Until I get married, I must have a masturbation two-three days. I bought a computer after I have worked. My most enjoy thing is masturbation while browse pictures about gays and bisexual man. I’m very like the pictures about oral sex of men to men. I never browse those pictures at home because I’m scaring expose my sexual orientation. But I cannot stop to click bisexual site when I’m in the office alone. 

Though there is a regular sex life after marriage, but it still cannot meet all my needs, I will still have a masturbation occasionally. To me, the happiness of masturbation is good than sexual intercourse. 

I love man more than woman. There is a friend asked me whether I dated with a man. I loved one friend for more than ten years. But I never told him, and I was married. I’m identify as gay in the past. But I realized I’m a bisexual. I have ever thought about that I won’t married. I can just look at a man soundlessly at the corner and die alone. Until I meet my wife a very beautiful woman. 

Now I have a very happiness family. I think it’s the carnal desire for man. And my spirit belongs to my wife. So I choose to married. Of course, there are so many choices to any bisexual. Just remember that follow your heart.

Bisexual and bi-curious dating with gay & straight.

It’s an amazing thing when a bisexual dating with gay & straight together. Don’t strange about this. Maybe you will ask why Bi people must have threesome date. It’s a question.

We know that People who are physically and sexually attracted to both men and women usually identify themselves as bisexual. This is official definition of bisexual. But who cares. Someone identify themselves as bisexual. But says” I love girl or boy only “. You don’t have to hold on the bisexual tag. Although, it’s a very cool tag.

bisexual free online date and have fun with gay&lesbian&straight

In fact, no one really care your sex orientation. It’s not necessary to a perfect date. Both of you feel happy after dating. It’s a good date. What they really care is “who, where, when” to have a nice date. The mood is like going to have trip. There are so many things to prepare. Exciting, apprehensive, expectative and so on. When you were around by those emotion, you are one role of a date story. It can be have nothing to do with love. It’s a story about a people need to do something with another people. Life is like a movie and you are the director. So please makes your story exciting, romantic and touch you deeply in the heart.

Well, let’s go back the topic about bisexual dating. Most of people think that gay should date with gay, straight should date with straight. Follow this logic, bisexual should date with bisexual. Do you laugh, bisexual? This view is like a joke. What a dim world if anything is changeless. Bisexual can love both sexuality is knows by anyone. Let it is. We have no necessary to hide it. In the proposition we can live as a bisexual.

If you were married or fall in love with someone, enjoy your happiness life. If you are single or curious bisexual & curious couple. Open your mind. Try something seams crazy but full of fun. A gay date with an opposite sex; a straight date with a gay; a bisexual date with a gay & straight. Does this ideal crazy? I don’t think so. Human gender is very mysterious. We all are explorer.

Everyone have themselves’ dream. How do you chase your dream if you afraid of it. What we should do is when you are old don’t regret what you didn’t do at young. Just remember, we are young tonight. Spend more time to think about what you wanna do. But not the things others require you to do. 

You are bisexual or bi-curious.

bisexual free online date and have fun with gay&lesbian&straight

All bisexual come from bi-curious. It’s a slowly process for people to identify themselves as bisexual. Most of time, they begin the change as bi-curious. When you found that you can attract by both boy&girl, you are a bi-curious. At this time, there are two kind of people in the group. They are bisexual and bi-curious.

Real bisexual will have this feeling more young. Because they attracted by both gender automatic. The feeling is like the call from heart. But for bi-curious, most of them want experience the sex with same gender.

Some people think it’s so cool to be a bisexual. It makes some straight want join threesome date and they did. Love is a fuzzy concept. Just like drink water, only you know it’s cold or hot. Of cause straight can join the date. They will called to bi-curious. Not only straight but also gay&lesbian often join bisexual dating. They have more experience of date with same sex. But they were called bi-curious too.

More and more people join the date make the life exciting. Because of gay, lesbian, straight join the bisexual group. And some of them fake to be bisexual. But as time goes on, there are many problems come out. It makes real bisexual was called into question. E.g. does bisexual exist? Bisexuals are sexually greedy. Bisexuals are cheaters. And so on.

Not every real bisexual have sex experience with both gender. A part of bisexual have the sex predilection. They love girl or boy. So they would choose one of the gender to married. Like normal people.

The most important thing isn’t to be bisexual or bi-curious. It’s who you are and what you really want. It’s ok to fall in love with someone or have fun with different people.      

Why so many bisexual married with straight?

bisexual free online date and have fun with gay&lesbian&straight
In most people‘s mind that straight people will only fall in love with straight people.
I think the view is incorrect or incomplete. In general, most straight people will married with only straight. But we know that everything is possible in front of true love.

Now let’s discuss the question from another side. Why so many bisexual will choose straight people to married. I think it is influence by three points.

1.       The most important reason is social pressure.
Come out as a bisexual is difficult for anybody. Even your family is support you. But many stranger may give you curious look when you are on the public space. Even 99% of them have no malicious, they are just out of curiosity. This unconscious behavior is the best description of their mind. It was the curiosity they showed that they thought it was not normal. At least they have made a distinction between themselves and you. This has nothing to do with the opposite sex bisexual. But for gay bisexual, where to go there is a sense of being watched is actually not wonderful.

2.       It’s difficult to build a bisexual family.
As mentioned before, if all your family support you to have a bisexual dating, and you don’t mind others’ eyes. Now, you have beaten 50% of bisexual in the world. What you should do next is find a partner. According to your preferences, you can try to looking for a girl/boy/both. After you coming out as bisexual. There are many parties you can join in. (e.g. meetup, online bisexual date site, Facebook community). But the key point is you must pick up whom you like from these bisexuals. And make sure they were love you too. You can analyze the probability of success. Maybe the bisexual meet site can give you a great help.

3.       Some straight people want experience the bisexual life.
With the opening up of the society more and more people accept LGBT. And the same time they are curious about LGBT. Many young straight people would like to date with bisexual. Somebody find the true love while have date. So that more and more straight people like to join bisexuals’ mystery world.

Sometimes we have to give up something to get something.

When a bisexual meet a straight and they fall in love with each other, it’s time to get married. 


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#Open-minded or #swinger and #polyamorous are different life style. But there is a thing override of them. You need to looking for partners realy touch your heart and soul. If you just want looking for someone to have sex, please go away, you are not belong here. Because honest and emotion is the basis of a relationship. No matter it's temporary or long-term relationship. If you know that, you will find that it's easy to find local #bisexual relationship. Join us now!

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What an open-minded lifestyle is like?

While the idea of living an open lifestyle seems exotic, exciting and amazing in many people's imagination, the lifestyle is certainly not for everyone.  Swinging is popular with married couples and singles who desire to add more fun and excitement to their relationship and sex life.

Following are some of the more important and significant pros and cons of leading a swinger lifestyle. Discuss these thoroughly with each other as well as any other aspects of swinging that comes up.

Join the open lifestyle

Swinging brings new excitement and enjoyment to your sex life. It allows people to explore their fantasies and be a part of their partner's fantasies, including the desire to experiment and try new things.

Swinging can transform a routine marriage and boring sex life into something special. They say variety of the spice of life!

The lifestyle empowers couples to express their sexual desires and preferences openly and honestly, building a deeper and stronger relationship.

It allows for exploration of desires and fantasies with a variety of partners and in new situations.

If pursued with love, honesty and openness, swinging can enhance your marriage and make it stronger by improving communication and deepening the sharing and understanding of each other.

Please notice that

Be aware of any jealousy from your partner as a result of swinging. Make sure to address this and accept the fact that your partner will be experiencing pleasure with someone else. If this is not handled up front and maturely, growing jealousy can lead to serious issues in the relationship.

Be prepared for negative reactions and backlash as friends and family learn about your swinging encounters. Not everyone is accepting of this lifestyle and many are quick to share their negative or derogatory opinions. One strategy is to keep your swinging lifestyle a secret, another is to share it only with people you completely trust.

Swinging is not a means to solve marital problems. In fact, if problems exist in your relationship, swinging may make existing problems significantly worse and probably create new problems.

Over time, you and your partners’ opinions and desires for swinging will change. Sometimes partners begin to disagree.  This can create problems in the relationship if not dealt with quickly.

Having a swinging lifestyle can be extremely exciting, sexually fulfilling and rewarding for many people. Any couple who is interested can pursue the lifestyle, seeking out compatible couples with the same desires and interests.  When both people are committed to the swinging lifestyle and each other, the enjoyment and pleasure they experience can be amazing.


Simple but useful advises for threesome finder.

Have you joined a threesome? Are you ready for a threesome? What real threesome is like? Threesome is always a mystery for us. You think you know what they'll be like or how you feel about them, but you can't totally know unless you've been there. We gathered some advises about the feeling of join a threesome. All of these tips come from women.  

Ask all the vital questions before the night of the threesome dating. "One guy I had a threesome with had a long-term girlfriend, which would've been good to know before that happened."

Always bring an extra condom.

You might be shocked by the roles you end up enjoying. Be open-minded. "Before having a threesome I was positive that would ping my anxiety or make me feel like the lesser participant, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed watching my lovers pleasure each other without feeling left out or uncomfortable."

You will definitely get weirded out the first time that third hand touches you. "I was making out with my partner when from behind I felt this hand moving my hair off the back of my neck and kissing it. You get so used to only having to account for one person that when another person gets thrown into the mix, it throws you off for a second. It doesn't matter how many threesomes I've had, that moment doesn't go away."

Don't forget that everyone involved is a person, not just a sex partner. "Overall, having an amazing threesome dating has so much more to do with the interpersonal relationships of those involved thanthe physical sex acts themselves."

One drink can make you feel more at ease, but don't get too drunk. "Drunk sex is generally sloppy sex and I can't imagine having a drunk, sloppy threesome. There's just too much going on that demands your attention."

Don't ever leave someone feeling like a third wheel. "Sometimes a helpful hand is enough to keep someone feeling included for certain portions of your engagement."

Bringing in sex toys helps alleviate the third wheel problem. "I definitely suggest having toys around. Not only do they add to the experience, they help keep everyone engaged."

Most problems can be totally avoided by making sure your communication is on point. "All of the difficulties I've run into were at their core a communication problem. Hurt feelings because expectations were not addressed, feelings of inadequacy because of perceived favoritism. Lack of check-ins afterward to be present for any negative or confusing feelings."