How to choose right threesome dating site?

Bisexuality is a sexual orientation that may not be controlled. When people find that they have this sexual orientation, they should not worry about why such a thing happens. This fear may due to it is not easy to get a threesome relationship. There is a solution which you can join 3some dating sites where women seeking couples and couples looking for third one. So it's going to be important that you’d better know how to choose the threesome dating site. You should according to your needs to choose the best website. Once you do this, make sure the choice is an elaborate study of the choice, which will make things easier everyone. There are many people who want match a threesome dating are confused about making right choice. You may also choose the wrong website, so research is the key. You need to do research in the right way. Here are some important points. Let's have a look. It will make it easier for you.

You can do this as follows:

A survey of threesome dating sites:

There are many 3some websites,where you can find women seeking partners, men looking for couples, couples matchthird/couples, committed to serving those people with bisexual sexual orientation. Before choosing a site that you are going to join, you should investigate the different sites that you are accessible. Just don't choose only one site. You need to do the right research, which makes things easier.

This means that you may get the most appropriate choice after investigating the available sites. It is very useful for a person to get the amount of information from different sites. This may make you find new things that didn't know before. What they will offer to you and how effective it will be are the things you should know before join them. Many people did not do this, and regret later. Just do it. 


Is it fun to date with mature bisexual woman?

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What is the first imagine in your mind when you hear the words “mature bisexual woman”? Older bisexual women date with a younger men and are not bashful about it. You would practically imagine that they are exploring the fun of dating with younger men. However you are hiding yourself in the light of the city just for a meet.

What makes older bisexual women keep attract to young fellows? For a certain something, we could easy to get the answer if you have explored it. A mature bisexual sister usually know that how to treat a man right. Whimpering or silly arguments are the things they avoid absolutely. Special reward is that they won’t anticipate they could have a perfect young sweetheart. They will consider you to be a kid who is learning about all things and will be glad to guide you have nice dating with mature bi woman. They will show you lessons about what is perfect bisexual partner. Usually, you will not forget her forever.

Yeah, you may have another question – where might you discover a bisexual woman and how might you approach her? How do you realize that the hot sexy mature bisexual woman is your matching girl but not someone’s wife? Relax, there are particular sites focusing on how to help you find them. You can do things have nothing to do with find them. Then you will find them come out at your computer and phone one day, as a big surprise.

Follow an inherent rhythm and looking for next catch. Simply spruce up pleasantly and have a go at moving toward them yourself or with other guys. Makes your fun have no limits.


A Date of spring for the LGBT

As a special community, could you easily find someone you really want by some Apps for the LGBT? Take a look at the examples all around us, the photos are not the same as the real people, and the fraud is also numerous. That's because there is no basic security guarantee.

Mr. Joe, as a member of the LGBT community, had to hide his special identity because of the conservative family values, even if he succeeded in his career. So he sneaks up on all the big gay dating apps, but he was rebuffed time and again.

Once, on a well-known free dating app, a picture came into Mr. Joe's eyes, he felt that is his happiness, he clicked on his data, numerous photos, complete information, so they started to communicate close. However, when it comes to meeting, the opposite is true. What's further, the man taunted Mr. Joe at final, saying that there's no one still used real photos.

He no longer believed in free apps, and he's joined a website that didn't have a real-name system. So, Mr. Joe was cheated again, and a woman was looking for a marriage partner in the data of men. When they met, Mr. Joe saw in amazement that it was a woman standing right in front of him and he didn't believe in online dating anymore.

Bisexual online date with gay and real threesome

Everything is possible. He met another man by accident, but just brushed his shoulder in the crowd, Joe cannot forget him from then on. He searched on the Internet for information and finally saw him in the vicinity on a website. Mr. Joe immediately joined the member of the Bi date site and started his romantic date. Now, they are happy.

Join us will greatly reduces the risk of being deceived, the member system is also to guarantee the equality of everyone and protects the privacy of everyone. We will support you to find true love. Here, you can enjoy the honorable services.

You are not subject to any discrimination here. Whether you're looking for a destiny or just for fun, it's your best choice. Click on his or her information, open the world of you two, and let your spring come together.

Date now? Come here!


You still have chance to become a bisexual.

Many bisexuals are coming out while you are hesitating whether to come out or not. It doesn’t means many bisexuals were coming out in public. They just live as a real bisexual life. There are many bisexuals live around you. If you don’t open your windows, you will never find them.

bisexual online date and chat and real threesome date

At first, try to accept yourself. Because we cannot support the person whom don’t trust himself. Yes, many people don’t accept bisexual, gay, trans… But life belong to ourselves, and we can only live once. Does others’ words worth you give up to looking for real self? Many people choose to live in others eyes. There are many tags in their life. A model never eat ice-cream because they must keep thin. A gay couldn’t hand in hand with his partner on street because someone will feel them strange.

Do you have same experience? You have a beautiful girlfriend but you love another boy more. Marry with the girl is a better choice to you. Forget the boy isn’t a difficult thing. You love girl, but your family and friends all think that you should have a boyfriend. Can you live with the person for whole lifetime whom you don’t love? Yes, you can. You are not the only one who choose this kind of life.

In most cases, we choose to compromise to the fact. It’s always been proved a right way. Why so many people like to watch the movies like Titanic and Melena? One side is their life is terrible, living like a prostitute. It seems that anyone could tread on your dignity. But you still remember who you are. What you will do? The other side is they want live like “Rose”, but have no courage to break the routine. If there is a choice, one is to be yourself now and another one is to be the one you want to be; which one is your choice?

We have prayed too much that the world could be changed one day. But it never changed. The world still don’t accept bisexual and gay. The world couldn’t be changed obviously, how about change ourselves at this moment? We don’t need to against anyone. Just try to accept ourselves. “I’m gay, I’m bisexual, I’m lesbian, I’m straight” for someday we can introduce ourselves like this. From now on, be a happy bisexual, gay, lesbian. Looking for true love without any tags. You are not Robinson, you have many friends around you. I and all members in bisexualfun.net are waiting for you.    


How do you deal with the sexual fantasy to same sex people?

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Don’t think that only you thought about have sex with same sex people in the world. There is a research study about “Which kind of sexual fantasy is rare?” shows that 81.7% female and 82.3 male fantasize they have sex in public places. 66.3% female and 83.4 male fantasize have sex with stranger. And more than half people fantasize have sex with same sex people.

It seems there is myriad kind of answer. Why?

The kind of sexual fantasy is vary with each individual. To a great extent it depend on the life experience. So whether what kinds of sexual fantasy you have, don’t worry, they are normal. Sexual fantasy is not a trouble. The real trouble is the pressure while you try to against your sexual fantasy.

People is shame to talk about their sexual fantasy. Some people would have the emotions of hate and criticize to their sexual fantasy. E.g. someone always fantasize have sex with same sex people. Or someone fantasize have a threesome date. Some female fantasize have sex with many male at same time. But we should know sexual fantasy is spontaneous and inevasible. The negative induced emotion come out while you try to reverse it.

Some people think that excessive sexual fantasy will cause sexual anxiety. Even it may lead sexual crime. In fact, excessive sexual fantasy could only show the psychological problem. It’s not the reason that cause all problems. Sexual fantasy is not reality. It’s a problem to mix fantasy with reality.

What benefits that sexual fantasy could bring us?

1. Sexual fantasy is a substitute while sexual behavior is not enough. Though sexual fantasies are not realistic. But the pleasure that we generate from sexual fantasies are real.

2. Sexual fantasy can satisfy your desire for control. There is always imperfection in reality. But in the world of your brain, you can have perfect imagination.

3. The best aphrodisiac is your sexual fantasy.

4. Research study shows that sexual fantasy can relieve pain and burn calories.

Try to accept your sexual fantasy but not resist it. Treat it as a dream no matter you are gay/lesbian, bisexual or heterosexual. Don’t have any mental stress. Even you could talk about your sexual fantasy to your best friends or your partner. But don’t mention whom you date with.


I hope there is no “homosexual” any more in the world one day.

I think the article will trigger some disputes. But if you are willing to discuss the topic with a curious heart, maybe we could have some new discover to ourselves. Please don’t comment before you have finished reading.

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The most painful thing in the world is ashamed that don’t know “Who I am?”
There is a place in everyone’s heart that will not expose to others easily. We are shamed of our appearance. We are shamed of our poverty. We are shamed of our character. We are shamed of our broken marriage… The most painful thing in the world is ashamed that don’t know “Who I am?” The most part of shame come from that we are different to the expectation of the society and the people around us. But if the difference is something we are born with or cannot change, what’s your feeling?

I have many homosexual friends. They are all very excellent in their character and morals. But they have no courage to tell the world “who I am”, just because they have different sexual orientation with most people. They are afraid of other’s hostility. They are afraid of their families couldn’t understand them. They are afraid of that their love couldn’t be admitted by the society. They are afraid of been deprived the right to be parents. Who can help them?

What is the difference between homosexual and heterosexual? I even think that the reason why we attack the people with different sexual orientation is that we want to shift our shame (I don’t want to face my shame so I must let you feel shame!)

I think the common part of human nature is far greater than our difference. We all know the greatest light of human nature is our kindness and respect for others. But why haven’t we done better?

I want to ask the so-called “straight-man and straight-woman”, can we be braver? To be brave enough to acknowledge your fears, to be brave enough to admit that you don’t really understand them, to be brave enough to confess your ignorance. To be brave enough to be yourself and allow them to be themselves.

So ordinary courage, do you dare to have it? I hope one day there will be no more “gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender” in the world, because we no longer judge anyone by sexual orientation. We can speak to anyone: “I like men or I like women”


The world owes gay and bisexual a marriage?

In normal people’s mind. Straight person should have straight partner. Gay person should have gay partner. Does bisexual must have gay & bi partner?

Do not know when to start? More and more gays & bisexuals come out around us. At beginning many people become uncomfortable. The first thing flash in the brain is rejecting them when some gays & bisexuals come out. Because we would differentiate the groups different with ours. This is the instinct of us.

The reason why human could stand at the top of the biologic chain is that we have strong resilience. Every kind of people have special value if they survival from ancient time to the present. Many human civilizations die out in the history. (e.g. Maya and Atlantis)

Let’s count that what we still have. We have white, black and yellow race. Do those enough? No, not enough, we also have LGBTS people. If human could be differentiate as complexion, why do not we differentiate human as sexual orientation. Because I think every race have LGBTS people. What make us could survival for now? Not the environmental pollution, not the war, not the racial discrimination, it is love. The love of straight, the love of gay, the love of bisexual, the love of transgender. What makes the love always around us? It is marriage.

White people could married to black and yellow people, vice-versa. There is no strange to their marriage. So, why so many people mind gay’s marriage, bisexual’s marriage? It looks like only straight’s marriage is admitted. Even many gays & bisexuals are scared of come out. Do you understand how merciless it is? Try to image that 95% people are bisexual and gay, if you come out as straight you will lose job. But if you don’t come out, you have a great probability married with a same sex people. Is this the life you want? I don’t think so.

No only straight need have a legal marriage, but also gay and bisexual need legal marriage. Many countries have passed the law of gay marriage. But not all countries. The limit to people’s mind is more harmful than enslave their body. Obviously, there has no slave in the world now. But does everyone get the freedom?