I hope there is no “homosexual” any more in the world one day.

I think the article will trigger some disputes. But if you are willing to discuss the topic with a curious heart, maybe we could have some new discover to ourselves. Please don’t comment before you have finished reading.

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The most painful thing in the world is ashamed that don’t know “Who I am?”
There is a place in everyone’s heart that will not expose to others easily. We are shamed of our appearance. We are shamed of our poverty. We are shamed of our character. We are shamed of our broken marriage… The most painful thing in the world is ashamed that don’t know “Who I am?” The most part of shame come from that we are different to the expectation of the society and the people around us. But if the difference is something we are born with or cannot change, what’s your feeling?

I have many homosexual friends. They are all very excellent in their character and morals. But they have no courage to tell the world “who I am”, just because they have different sexual orientation with most people. They are afraid of other’s hostility. They are afraid of their families couldn’t understand them. They are afraid of that their love couldn’t be admitted by the society. They are afraid of been deprived the right to be parents. Who can help them?

What is the difference between homosexual and heterosexual? I even think that the reason why we attack the people with different sexual orientation is that we want to shift our shame (I don’t want to face my shame so I must let you feel shame!)

I think the common part of human nature is far greater than our difference. We all know the greatest light of human nature is our kindness and respect for others. But why haven’t we done better?

I want to ask the so-called “straight-man and straight-woman”, can we be braver? To be brave enough to acknowledge your fears, to be brave enough to admit that you don’t really understand them, to be brave enough to confess your ignorance. To be brave enough to be yourself and allow them to be themselves.

So ordinary courage, do you dare to have it? I hope one day there will be no more “gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender” in the world, because we no longer judge anyone by sexual orientation. We can speak to anyone: “I like men or I like women”


The world owes gay and bisexual a marriage?

In normal people’s mind. Straight person should have straight partner. Gay person should have gay partner. Does bisexual must have gay & bi partner?

Do not know when to start? More and more gays & bisexuals come out around us. At beginning many people become uncomfortable. The first thing flash in the brain is rejecting them when some gays & bisexuals come out. Because we would differentiate the groups different with ours. This is the instinct of us.

The reason why human could stand at the top of the biologic chain is that we have strong resilience. Every kind of people have special value if they survival from ancient time to the present. Many human civilizations die out in the history. (e.g. Maya and Atlantis)

Let’s count that what we still have. We have white, black and yellow race. Do those enough? No, not enough, we also have LGBTS people. If human could be differentiate as complexion, why do not we differentiate human as sexual orientation. Because I think every race have LGBTS people. What make us could survival for now? Not the environmental pollution, not the war, not the racial discrimination, it is love. The love of straight, the love of gay, the love of bisexual, the love of transgender. What makes the love always around us? It is marriage.

White people could married to black and yellow people, vice-versa. There is no strange to their marriage. So, why so many people mind gay’s marriage, bisexual’s marriage? It looks like only straight’s marriage is admitted. Even many gays & bisexuals are scared of come out. Do you understand how merciless it is? Try to image that 95% people are bisexual and gay, if you come out as straight you will lose job. But if you don’t come out, you have a great probability married with a same sex people. Is this the life you want? I don’t think so.

No only straight need have a legal marriage, but also gay and bisexual need legal marriage. Many countries have passed the law of gay marriage. But not all countries. The limit to people’s mind is more harmful than enslave their body. Obviously, there has no slave in the world now. But does everyone get the freedom?


The truth you don’t know about gay marriage.

Does gay marriage different with normal marriage?
The same to straight, most gay are eager to a stable and enduring serious relationship. And they did. In fact, most of LGBT have a loyal relationship, many couples keep the relationship more than 10 years.

Are gay couple suitable to be parents?
A large number of facts have made direct comparisons of straight parents and gay parents, the results show consistently that gay and straight are equally fit and capable of becoming parents. And their children are equally mentally healthy and adapted to life.

Why the marriage is so important to gay couple?
In a loyal relationship, marriage could bring the couple support from economic and social, which can lead to more substantial health benefits. Married men and women usually experience more physical and mental health than men and women who only live together. In addition, living in a legitimate group for gay couple would be more likely to have a loyalty than living in a group that rejects marriage. It is unfounded to refuse gay’s marriage rights. And it would have a negative impact on them and their families and friends.


A bisexual woman’s real life.

The couple Cristina and Benno come from Texas have married for 12 years. And they have three child. Cristina is a bisexual, after discussing with Benno, they have a common girlfriend Sierra Kuntz. More and more bisexual family choose this life style, but the first thing is make sure your partner is agree with you. (Cristina, Sierra, Benno)

 31 years old Cristina and 37 years old Benno, they meet each other when they were serving in the police force of Florida at 12 years ago. They get married 4 months later. And they have a daughter one year later. After that they have two more children. 

 But because of Cristina is a bisexual, she feel that her world is not completion. She decide to make her life to be a whole bisexual life. So she come up with her husband a request that she want an “Open marriage”. 

 Cristina said to Benno that she want a woman join their marriage. Then she meet Sierra in a bisexual date site. Sierra works in a pet shop in Las Vegas shopping center. Cristina date with Sierra several times and both of them feel very good. Sierra is willing to join them. 

Benno is very hesitating when heard Cristina’s request. He is worrying about that Cristina will leave him when she date with Sierra. After a period of time he knows that Cristina really want to build a three people marriage. Finally, he agree with Cristina.

After a threesome date, they all make sure it’s the best status of their marriage. It’s very logical for Sierra to join the family. 

Sierra’s main work is take care of the three children after joining the family. Benno and Cristina’s work is make money.  

Benno said that their three children are understanding and supporting parents’ marriage. Even they will call Sierra mum.  

Sierra treat the three children as her own. She feel very happiness when children call her mum. They will not jealous of each other in daily life. The trouble is that it’s a little hard to communicate with each other in the three marriage sometimes.

Benno said they always share all the feeling and hide nothing. Everything is equal.

Now, they are try to help Sierra build a legal relationship with their children. Cristina and Benno will apply for divorce. Then one of them will married will Sierra. Benno said what they have done are helping Sierra become a real member of the family.

Christina said they have owned all they want. Three lovely children and a perfect bisexual marriage. Harmonious family make them feel very happiness. “Everyone is different, some people meet to monogamy. But some people is more suitable for other life styles.


Bisexual is not a market for threesomes.

Do you ever discussed a topic about bisexual and threesome? A lot of articles also have talked about the relationship between bisexual and threesome. In fact, their relationship is not special. Because I have ever said that bisexual is suitable to have threesome date. But it just means bisexual have some advantage in a threesome relationship. I think male is the biology that most like have threesome date. In have sex respect male is always positive.

Threesome have the same meaning to straight & gay & lesbian like it meaning to bisexual. There are so many threesome dates in the world every day, few bisexuals join it. Most of the member is straight. People’s image of threesome come from the movies. The movies were made to all people 18+. There are no words like “For bisexual or for gay” in the movies.

If you are a bisexual, and just right you want to have threesome date. You can join some threesome date site. You have many choices straight, gay, bisexual. Choose anyone you want be today. Who is you tomorrow morning? It’s ok to don’t forget the way come home. Many straights want to have threesome date want to experience the feeling of having sex with two women. Try the site bisexualfun.net it will help you.

It seems that there have no threesome date for gay people. Of cause not, gay & lesbian also could join the threesome, it’s just a sex play. It could be a good game when everyone enjoy it. MMM & FFF are the special threesome date for gay & bisexual. Well, bisexual is everywhere. One key to open one lock, bisexual is the master key to all locks. Now, do you understand the relationship between threesome and bisexual? Threesome is like a super market for all people, bisexual is the richest people. What to buy all depends on the mood.

Does it means straight & gay just have only one choice? No, in the sex play everyone have a role. If you curious other roles, you can try. Nothing can bound your mind.


How to meet bisexual woman?

Bisexual woman, bisexual man, bisexual curious all want to date with one kind of people. Bisexual woman. Well in bisexual’s world, male and female have vague definition. But I think many bisexual want to date with bisexual woman.

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The reason is like the answer why lesbian is more than gay. It’s easy to understand but hard to explain it. At first, bisexual woman is more than bisexual man. But bisexual woman don’t must date with bisexual man. In fact, all kind of man except gay all like to date with bisexual woman. Straight man could date with a bisexual woman and lesbian at same time. Then they all can enjoy the fun of date. The same as straight man, straight woman could date with bisexual man and gay at the same time. Oh, I think it must be an exciting date.

Most bisexual women prefer to date with woman. Because it looks like that woman is more safe than man. And date with same sexual have more advantage. They know each other’s body. So they will more soft than man when have sex. We know that woman is very tied after having sex with man. But she can enjoy whole process when have sex with a woman. Bisexual woman are more understand woman. Because bisexual woman have more experience about have sex than straight woman. They can take care the male and female when have sex.

The second part is bisexual woman can find date more easy. For security reasons, many people will choose to date with bisexual woman. From an evolutionary point of view, woman is more willing to have threesome date. Like the animal, male prefer to fight and conquer. Opposite, woman prefer to service and take care others and they enjoy the process.

Don’t lose heart. Even bisexual woman take advantage of a date. They always need whole love. My knack is never wait. There are many bisexual date sites and threesome date sites. Looking for bisexual woman there. You don’t need force to conquer them. Use your heart and body. Enjoy yourself in the threesome is the best way to service your partner.


Wonderful life - straight fall in love with bisexual.

This is an absurd and complicated story. But it’s a real story. What I can say it’s about bisexuals. So let’s begin.

The hero of the story named Jim, was born in Seattle. He is ugly as a child and blush when speak with girls. In high school, his classmates voted to who is the last one to find a girlfriend in the future, Jim at the top!

But now he is like this:

At the age of 25, he suddenly started to “work hard”, study how to date with girls. Everything comes to him who waits, and soon Jim become a dating expert. 

According to his own words: “I can date with any kind of woman if I want”. He began to date with all kind of woman. The most exaggerated is that keep relationship with 14 woman at the same time.

Few years later, Jim feel tired and want to find a good woman to marry and settle down.

At this time, he met his first true love in a nightclub. Her name is Alex. He and Alex moved to Texas and began a new life.

Three years past, the married life is everydayness. Jim want a baby but Alex refused. The marriage began to broken.

In order to save the broken marriage, Jim and Alex came up with an idea: let’s go out looking for our own date. (What the hell!)

Both of them are good at looking for date. Every night they will share the experience of have sex with new partner. Also they can become good friends with each other’s new partner!

Later, Jim met a bisexual girl Bull. Alex always said to Jim that Bull likes women more than man. Do you want to have a challenge? Jim did it. Because both Jim and Bull have a strong common interest, beauty.

Jim find out he cannot inseparable from Bull. He break up with other date partners and divorce to Alex. Finally, he married with Bull.

Jim found that he could not bear the life of monogamy. Fortunately, Bull is also the case. Bull is a bisexual! They talked about it… Come up with a good idea: Let’s looking for new woman partner!!!

They began to date with new woman partner one by one. And looking for partner in the bar & bisexual date site.  Yes, they have threesome date! One year later, they met a painter Jan in a bar. Both Jim and Bull fall in love with Jan. What a coincidence, Jan is also bisexual, but she had never experienced the threesome date.

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Obviously, a handsome guy and a beautiful bisexual woman, their charm get doubled in the eyes of a bisexual girl. Soon, Jan fell in love with them.

According to Jan, imagine that you have met your soul mate, now multiply this happiness by 2.

They bought new big house and live together. A straight man with two bisexual women