Does bisexual live a better life?

More and more stars come out as bisexual. What makes them decide to do this? I don’t know. I don’t want to explore the life of the stars. What attract me is the normal bisexual’s life. There are many comments post on every famous website after a star comes out as bisexual. But as a normal bisexual, only friends and relatives will be effected. What will happen after they come out as bisexual? 

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Stars lives with no secret. Every movement of their life will show to public. You spend much time to pay close attention to the stars. Do you think that you spend enough time to your friends? For different people, they have different reaction when they realized that they are bisexual.

For the lively people, they will try to explore the truth of bisexual. And share the experience to friends. Because that they fear nothing and dare to challenge tradition viewpoint. And if the people very stubborn and rigid, they will not admit to be a bisexual. No one could find out the difference. But it’s painful to live with a depressive heart. For the people who is very shy, they may feel shame to be bisexual. I think most of bisexual are in the situation. They need great courage to come out as bisexual. In general they are very self-abased. I think one of the purpose of the stars come out as bisexual is encourage the normal people. Tell them that it’s not a big ideal to be bisexual. It’s not shame and bad.

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The stars were proved that hey can live better with new tag. Not means that their growth in the living standard. But because of they can live as themselves. No natter you are straight, homosexual, bisexual. Most important thing is find who you are and live as yourself instead of the tags (bisexual, straight, homosexual). It’s the best life.