To Be Most Open Bisexual Family in United States

In the United States in October, is a "gay history month", and the annual October 11 is "national coming out day". In order to celebrate the two scenes, the Buzzfeed-Yellow recently spoke to some bisexuals, to break people's misunderstandings and rumors of bisexuality. These rumors are not only unfounded and incorrect; More importantly, they can be extremely dangerous. However, get rid of misunderstanding that can help mitigate the rumors and stop spreading rumors, this is beneficial from a long-term perspective.

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 People talk about their sexual orientation from several different perspectives in the interviews—(serious? humorous? optimistic? all?). As "I am bisexual, but I'm not......" as a topic outline. And fill in the blanks with preconceived concepts   what people usually think bisexuality and bisexuals is.

According to the United Kingdom, the daily mail reported on April 13, United States 34-year old man Adam Lyons is living with his two girlfriends (26-year old Brooke Shed and 25-year old Jane). It was reported that Brooke had a son with her ex-husband Oliver. At present, Brooke and Adam had just given birth to a boy and they will raise their children together.

It was reported that Adam's two wives are bisexuals, three people share one large bed, and turns out on a date, they believe that they can for their new-born children with a loving family. Three people are harmonious and insisted their lives just like other normal couples do. Adam said: "we are just like any other normal family. Got up in the morning, Brooke will make breakfast. Jane will be prepared fresh fruit juices.” Jane said: "we have a King size bed, because the average bed isn't big enough for three people sleeping. We each have a quilt, because sharing a bed with some difficulties.” Three time management is important to successfully maintain the relationship between three people. Brooke explained: "we must ensure that everyone has his time together with other people, so we arranged an appointment every two activities. For example Jane and Adam art gallery on Tuesday, Jane and I will have a romantic date at Thursday.” Sometimes, the three people will be invited to the fourth partner in their sex life. Three men for love and marriage relationships are very open, completely free of the restrictions of monogamy and obsession.

bisexual free online date and have fun with gay&lesbian&straight
They also welcomed the fourth person to join their relationship. Brooke said: "we are loyal to each other, but if they encounter a problem we like and would like to join our way of girls, we also welcome her to join us. But that's not what we now consider the problem, because you can't always accommodate other people in your life. And you want to find three people who like to accept is not so easy.