The happiness about Gay&Bisexual Woman!


bisexual free online date and have fun with gay&lesbian&straight

1. We buy lipsticks to each other but I often steal your pink color!  

2. With make-up, no one waits for the other. If you make up very slow, all right ~ I then finishing my hair.

3. I will help you paste double eyelid paste, also help you finishing hair

4. You always ask me what have you changed, I can accurately find it.

5. We can cut hair, perm, straightening, hair coloring together, no matter how long time we will take!

6. We will have one more wardrobe (you said that I have poor taste to buy clothes, so that you buy more clothes, I stole your clothes to wear).

7. We two lazy women will remind each other to apply mask, occasionally you even ask me if I don’t wash my hair yesterday.

8. We can both into same fitting rooms when buy clothes, we can try each other's clothes.
9. Study the latest fashion and trends together.

10. Learn how to lose weight together.

11. Find a good restaurant, maybe not only for delicious occasionally ~ we also can find the shop suitable to take a photo

12. I can nail polish for you and recently I’m learning how to eyebrow repair for you! I’m not only taking care of you, but also I can learn a lot of skill.

13. All the things you want I have recorded carefully, and finish them one by one.

14. All the anniversary, I remember more clearly than you (the day of acquaintance, the first kiss, the moment that first time I recognized fall in love with you ...).

15. Like all states of you, cute, overbearing and spoiled.

16. We all like to make up our house.

17. Go shopping for luxury goods, until spend all money.

18. Every night I will do face-lift operation for you.

19. You encourage me to do things what I want to do. I encourage you to spend more time with your friends.

20. We can hand in hand anywhere, holding hands together into the bathroom, the fitting room, the bath.

21. You can be my queen, you can be my princess, you can be my wife, you can be my daughter.

22. Fantasy with the trip upcoming, and planning of our future.

23. We can lay in the sofa and watch the beauties on TV together!

24. Regularly forcing you to check for female diseases.

25. Helping you to finish all things you don’t want to do... let you can live as you wish. Of course, because you encourage I start to learning spoiled occasionally.

The feeling is like that you are another me in the world. So I fall in love with you. If you gay, bisexual and you still cannot find another you. Maybe you can come to here and have a try http://onlybidating.com/ if you don’t like the site. Pass it. And how about share your happiness in the comment. Everyone have different pain but we all have same happiness. Share your things and encourage others.