Dream to dating with bisexual.

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Did you ever dream to be someone you very like? If you like play basketball, did you ever dream to be Michael Jordan? If you like writing, did you ever dream to be Shakespeare. I think most of people more likely dream to be superman. I have a special dream. I was dreaming to be bisexual.

Does it strange? I don’t think so. When you ask a boy like to eat cake what’s your dream? He may tell you “I want to be a pastry cook”. When I was young, I had been ask the same question. But my answer isn’t “dream to be bisexual”. Because I don’t know what the world means. My answer is to be an e-sports player. I like play game very much when I was a child. With time goes on. I find more and more new things. I like watch movie. I like walking in the forest. I like date with sexy girl. Until I know the word “bisexual”.

I know the word from a girl. That is an amazing date and I will never forget. I met her in a birthday party of our friends. We never met before. But we know that we like each other when we locked eyes. She steps to me and say “hello, my name is Zoe, what’s yours”. She is so beautiful that I cannot say a word. I’m sure I fall in love with her at this moment. Like the plot of all the movies. We go upstairs hand in hand. Finally, we found a room. I locked the door when we go into the room and fantasy the images are going to happen.

But, I never think of that we are not the only people in the room. Another girl sit on the bed. I don’t find her, until I turn on the light. It’s like she is waiting for us. Because there is no surprised look on her face and she look at us with smile. But she is really a beautiful girl. What has happened the ideal has been in my head. But to my surprise, Zoe walk to her and they kkkkkkkiss.

bisexual free online date and have fun

When I’m at a loss, they came along. Both of them kiss my face. The clothes been taken off one by one. A crazy night was passed when I open my eyes in the next morning. They had gone. It’s like a nice dream I don’t want to weak up. A threesome night with two beautiful girls. I ask my friend who are they. He tell me that Zoe is a bisexual girl and another girl is her partner. And another girl is bisexual too. Oh, my god! That is so cool. I like the date I swear. But my friend tell me that they are looking for “different threesome date”. Different place, different people, different way of have sex.

My friend told me I can find many bisexual date at the site Bisexual fun. Many bisexuals are looking for date and threesome there. “Maybe you can meet them again” he said. Now, I become a member of the big community. I’m not bisexual. But I really like to date with bisexual. Date with different people makes my life is full of vitality.