A bisexual woman’s real life.

The couple Cristina and Benno come from Texas have married for 12 years. And they have three child. Cristina is a bisexual, after discussing with Benno, they have a common girlfriend Sierra Kuntz. More and more bisexual family choose this life style, but the first thing is make sure your partner is agree with you. (Cristina, Sierra, Benno)

 31 years old Cristina and 37 years old Benno, they meet each other when they were serving in the police force of Florida at 12 years ago. They get married 4 months later. And they have a daughter one year later. After that they have two more children. 

 But because of Cristina is a bisexual, she feel that her world is not completion. She decide to make her life to be a whole bisexual life. So she come up with her husband a request that she want an “Open marriage”. 

 Cristina said to Benno that she want a woman join their marriage. Then she meet Sierra in a bisexual dating site. Sierra works in a pet shop in Las Vegas shopping center. Cristina date with Sierra several times and both of them feel very good. Sierra is willing to join them. 

Benno is very hesitating when heard Cristina’s request. He is worrying about that Cristina will leave him when she date with Sierra. After a period of time he knows that Cristina really want to build a three people marriage. Finally, he agree with Cristina.

After a threesome dating, they all make sure it’s the best status of their marriage. It’s very logical for Sierra to join the family. 

Sierra’s main work is take care of the three children after joining the family. Benno and Cristina’s work is make money.  

Benno said that their three children are understanding and supporting parents’ marriage. Even they will call Sierra mum.  

Sierra treat the three children as her own. She feel very happiness when children call her mum. They will not jealous of each other in daily life. The trouble is that it’s a little hard to communicate with each other in the three marriage sometimes.

Benno said they always share all the feeling and hide nothing. Everything is equal.

Now, they are try to help Sierra build a legal relationship with their children. Cristina and Benno will apply for divorce. Then one of them will married will Sierra. Benno said what they have done are helping Sierra become a real member of the family.

Christina said they have owned all they want. Three lovely children and a perfect bisexual marriage. Harmonious family make them feel very happiness. “Everyone is different, some people meet to monogamy. But some people is more suitable for other life styles.