The world owes gay and bisexual a marriage?

In normal people’s mind. Straight person should have straight partner. Gay person should have gay partner. Does bisexual must have gay & bi partner?

Do not know when to start? More and more gays & bisexuals come out around us. At beginning many people become uncomfortable. The first thing flash in the brain is rejecting them when some gays & bisexuals come out. Because we would differentiate the groups different with ours. This is the instinct of us.

The reason why human could stand at the top of the biologic chain is that we have strong resilience. Every kind of people have special value if they survival from ancient time to the present. Many human civilizations die out in the history. (e.g. Maya and Atlantis)

Let’s count that what we still have. We have white, black and yellow race. Do those enough? No, not enough, we also have LGBTS people. If human could be differentiate as complexion, why do not we differentiate human as sexual orientation. Because I think every race have LGBTS people. What make us could survival for now? Not the environmental pollution, not the war, not the racial discrimination, it is love. The love of straight, the love of gay, the love of bisexual, the love of transgender. What makes the love always around us? It is marriage.

White people could married to black and yellow people, vice-versa. There is no strange to their marriage. So, why so many people mind gay’s marriage, bisexual’s marriage? It looks like only straight’s marriage is admitted. Even many gays & bisexuals are scared of come out. Do you understand how merciless it is? Try to image that 95% people are bisexual and gay, if you come out as straight you will lose job. But if you don’t come out, you have a great probability married with a same sex people. Is this the life you want? I don’t think so.

No only straight need have a legal marriage, but also gay and bisexual need legal marriage. Many countries have passed the law of gay marriage. But not all countries. The limit to people’s mind is more harmful than enslave their body. Obviously, there has no slave in the world now. But does everyone get the freedom?