How do you deal with the sexual fantasy to same sex people?

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Don’t think that only you thought about have sex with same sex people in the world. There is a research study about “Which kind of sexual fantasy is rare?” shows that 81.7% female and 82.3 male fantasize they have sex in public places. 66.3% female and 83.4 male fantasize have sex with stranger. And more than half people fantasize have sex with same sex people.

It seems there is myriad kind of answer. Why?

The kind of sexual fantasy is vary with each individual. To a great extent it depend on the life experience. So whether what kinds of sexual fantasy you have, don’t worry, they are normal. Sexual fantasy is not a trouble. The real trouble is the pressure while you try to against your sexual fantasy.

People is shame to talk about their sexual fantasy. Some people would have the emotions of hate and criticize to their sexual fantasy. E.g. someone always fantasize have sex with same sex people. Or someone fantasize have a threesome dating. Some female fantasize have sex with many male at same time. But we should know sexual fantasy is spontaneous and inevasible. The negative induced emotion come out while you try to reverse it.

Some people think that excessive sexual fantasy will cause sexual anxiety. Even it may lead sexual crime. In fact, excessive sexual fantasy could only show the psychological problem. It’s not the reason that cause all problems. Sexual fantasy is not reality. It’s a problem to mix fantasy with reality.

What benefits that sexual fantasy could bring us?

1. Sexual fantasy is a substitute while sexual behavior is not enough. Though sexual fantasies are not realistic. But the pleasure that we generate from sexual fantasies are real.

2. Sexual fantasy can satisfy your desire for control. There is always imperfection in reality. But in the world of your brain, you can have perfect imagination.

3. The best aphrodisiac is your sexual fantasy.

4. Research study shows that sexual fantasy can relieve pain and burn calories.

Try to accept your sexual fantasy but not resist it. Treat it as a dream no matter you are gay/lesbian, bisexual or heterosexual. Don’t have any mental stress. Even you could talk about your sexual fantasy to your best friends or your partner. But don’t mention whom you date with.