What is life? Why we live here? What should we do in the left life?
I cannot answer any question. There is one thousand people and have one thousand answer. Even an ant has a wonderful life. How about human! Work is the whole life of the ant. But human have their own mind. The life cannot be full up with work. We need rest. We want to explore new word. We will enjoy the beautiful of nature. We must challenge the ultimate limit of our body.

But the most important thing in out life is love. Someone’s love is raveling and exploring the amazing nature. Someone’s love is live with family enjoy the happiness. But for few people, their love is domination the word. Most of people want simple life. A house keeping out the storm, enough food, no pain and illness. For bisexual, the life have a little blemish. Yes, two partners, maybe only one. It doesn’t matter.

It’s depending on bisexual. As I know not all bisexual love boy and girl. They can be inclined to boy or girl. It looks like the homosexual but not indeed. There is a difference between them. If you want know the difference. Come to the site onlybidating, any question about bisexual will find answer. Of course the site isn’t an encyclopedia. But there are ten thousands bisexual members in the site from pole to pole. Chat with them not only you can find the answer of your problem, but also you can meet right bisexual friends and have nice date. We know that we live don’t mean we should live. It means we should enjoy the life. We have only one chance.

There are only several tens of years in our life. Except the vampire, they can live forever. No time to sad. We should follow the heart. To be the one who we are. To be a happiness bisexual