Why so many bisexual married with straight?

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In most people‘s mind that straight people will only fall in love with straight people.
I think the view is incorrect or incomplete. In general, most straight people will married with only straight. But we know that everything is possible in front of true love.

Now let’s discuss the question from another side. Why so many bisexual will choose straight people to married. I think it is influence by three points.

1.       The most important reason is social pressure.
Come out as a bisexual is difficult for anybody. Even your family is support you. But many stranger may give you curious look when you are on the public space. Even 99% of them have no malicious, they are just out of curiosity. This unconscious behavior is the best description of their mind. It was the curiosity they showed that they thought it was not normal. At least they have made a distinction between themselves and you. This has nothing to do with the opposite sex bisexual. But for gay bisexual, where to go there is a sense of being watched is actually not wonderful.

2.       It’s difficult to build a bisexual family.
As mentioned before, if all your family support you to have a bisexual dating, and you don’t mind others’ eyes. Now, you have beaten 50% of bisexual in the world. What you should do next is find a partner. According to your preferences, you can try to looking for a girl/boy/both. After you coming out as bisexual. There are many parties you can join in. (e.g. meetup, online bisexual date site, Facebook community). But the key point is you must pick up whom you like from these bisexuals. And make sure they were love you too. You can analyze the probability of success. Maybe the bisexual meet site can give you a great help.

3.       Some straight people want experience the bisexual life.
With the opening up of the society more and more people accept LGBT. And the same time they are curious about LGBT. Many young straight people would like to date with bisexual. Somebody find the true love while have date. So that more and more straight people like to join bisexuals’ mystery world.

Sometimes we have to give up something to get something.

When a bisexual meet a straight and they fall in love with each other, it’s time to get married.