Bisexual and bi-curious dating with gay & straight.

It’s an amazing thing when a bisexual dating with gay & straight together. Don’t strange about this. Maybe you will ask why Bi people must have threesome date. It’s a question.

We know that People who are physically and sexually attracted to both men and women usually identify themselves as bisexual. This is official definition of bisexual. But who cares. Someone identify themselves as bisexual. But says” I love girl or boy only “. You don’t have to hold on the bisexual tag. Although, it’s a very cool tag.

bisexual free online date and have fun with gay&lesbian&straight

In fact, no one really care your sex orientation. It’s not necessary to a perfect date. Both of you feel happy after dating. It’s a good date. What they really care is “who, where, when” to have a nice date. The mood is like going to have trip. There are so many things to prepare. Exciting, apprehensive, expectative and so on. When you were around by those emotion, you are one role of a date story. It can be have nothing to do with love. It’s a story about a people need to do something with another people. Life is like a movie and you are the director. So please makes your story exciting, romantic and touch you deeply in the heart.

Well, let’s go back the topic about bisexual dating. Most of people think that gay should date with gay, straight should date with straight. Follow this logic, bisexual should date with bisexual. Do you laugh, bisexual? This view is like a joke. What a dim world if anything is changeless. Bisexual can love both sexuality is knows by anyone. Let it is. We have no necessary to hide it. In the proposition we can live as a bisexual.

If you were married or fall in love with someone, enjoy your happiness life. If you are single or curious bisexual & curious couple. Open your mind. Try something seams crazy but full of fun. A gay date with an opposite sex; a straight date with a gay; a bisexual date with a gay & straight. Does this ideal crazy? I don’t think so. Human gender is very mysterious. We all are explorer.

Everyone have themselves’ dream. How do you chase your dream if you afraid of it. What we should do is when you are old don’t regret what you didn’t do at young. Just remember, we are young tonight. Spend more time to think about what you wanna do. But not the things others require you to do.