A married bisexual man

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With life going on the memory become more and more blurry. I’m about 40 years old. There are many questions in my mind and confused me. I’m very scare that something would happen in the future. If I’m die suddenly, I cannot speak out the words that in my mind for a long time. I want write down the words about journey of my heart. With other bisexual can learn about something from it.

I had married for 9 years. My child is going to primary school this year. I should be a happiness bisexual man. My parents are teacher. And I finished my study without a hitch. I became a lawyer after graduating from college. I had been a lawyer for 10 years. Even just an assistant. I’m not very rich, nor poor. I give all my income to my wife, and leave a little part for bus. Sometimes I will go hiking and chatting with my friends. I don’t like to go shopping unless it’s necessary. 

Although my material lust just so-so. But my sex lust is very strong. From 14 years old I was masturbation every week. Until I get married, I must have a masturbation two-three days. I bought a computer after I have worked. My most enjoy thing is masturbation while browse pictures about gays and bisexual man. I’m very like the pictures about oral sex of men to men. I never browse those pictures at home because I’m scaring expose my sexual orientation. But I cannot stop to click bisexual site when I’m in the office alone. 

Though there is a regular sex life after marriage, but it still cannot meet all my needs, I will still have a masturbation occasionally. To me, the happiness of masturbation is good than sexual intercourse. 

I love man more than woman. There is a friend asked me whether I dated with a man. I loved one friend for more than ten years. But I never told him, and I was married. I’m identify as gay in the past. But I realized I’m a bisexual. I have ever thought about that I won’t married. I can just look at a man soundlessly at the corner and die alone. Until I meet my wife a very beautiful woman. 

Now I have a very happiness family. I think it’s the carnal desire for man. And my spirit belongs to my wife. So I choose to married. Of course, there are so many choices to any bisexual. Just remember that follow your heart.