The first Marvel movie for LGBTQ.

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Wonder woman Diana Prince is bisexual! The time reported. Grey Luca (The author of "DC" Wonder Woman comic) recently in an interview with Comicosity(a professional comic book review sites).

In the comics, wonder woman grew up in the mysterious Paradise Island, there are only woman on the island. So that there have many gays is perfectly normal. Gray explained in an interview, it’s logical for that Paradise Island must have some gays. Since it is a paradise, everyone should be happy, and one of the sources of happiness is have a partner, in a satisfying, romantic relationship. The only partner is female. But there is no concept of homosexuality in the minds of the people on the island.

Gray further confirmed that in the first year, wonder woman Diana loves other women and established a relationship. During creating the comic "Wonder Woman:" with artist Nicola Scott. And it must be, for many reasons. But may be the most important reason is that if she is not gay, she leave the island is just for the love with her boyfriend Steve Trevor. It will weaken the role, will hurt the character and deprived of her bravery. She is not leave for Steve, but to explore the world to leave, there must be someone to do this thing in Islands. She decided she had to make such a sacrifice.

From Gray's explanation as you can imagine, if there are any superhero movies can be seamlessly integrated into a LGBTQ(lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender identity, gender roles, fuzzy) that should be the next "Wonder Woman". Super hero movies are becoming more diverse in order to reflect their growing readership, including the LGBTQ group. Marvel studios President Kevin Fitch had promised in the next ten years there will be a LGBTQ role, marvel movie "Captain America 3" director Russell brothers had made the same commitment. But now it seems, DC may have to step by step.