Fall in love with bisexual woman

This is an absurd and complicated story. But it’s a real story. What I can say it’s about bisexuals. So let’s begin.

The hero of the story named Jim, was born in Seattle. He is ugly as a child and blush when speak with girls. In high school, his classmates voted to who is the last one to find a girlfriend in the future, Jim at the top!

But now he is like this:

At the age of 25, he suddenly started to “work hard”, study how to date with girls. Everything comes to him who waits, and soon Jim become a dating expert. 

According to his own words: “I can date with any kind of woman if I want”. He began to date with all kind of woman. The most exaggerated is that keep relationship with 14 woman at the same time.

Few years later, Jim feel tired and want to find a good woman to marry and settle down.

At this time, he met his first true love in a nightclub. Her name is Alex. He and Alex moved to Texas and began a new life.

Three years past, the married life is everydayness. Jim want a baby but Alex refused. The marriage began to broken.

In order to save the broken marriage, Jim and Alex came up with an idea: let’s go out looking for our own date. (What the hell!)

Both of them are good at looking for date. Every night they will share the experience of have sex with new partner. Also they can become good friends with each other’s new partner!

Later, Jim met a bisexual girl Bull. Alex always said to Jim that Bull likes women more than man. Do you want to have a challenge? Jim did it. Because both Jim and Bull have a strong common interest, beauty.

Jim find out he cannot inseparable from Bull. He break up with other date partners and divorce to Alex. Finally, he married with Bull.

Jim found that he could not bear the life of monogamy. Fortunately, Bull is also the case. Bull is a bisexual! They talked about it… Come up with a good idea: Let’s looking for new woman partner!!!

They began to date with new woman partner one by one. And looking for partner in the bar & bisexual dating site.  Yes, they have threesome dating! One year later, they met a painter Jan in a bar. Both Jim and Bull fall in love with Jan. What a coincidence, Jan is also bisexual, but she had never experienced the threesome dating.

bisexual online date and have fun

Obviously, a handsome guy and a beautiful bisexual woman, their charm get doubled in the eyes of a bisexual girl. Soon, Jan fell in love with them.

According to Jan, imagine that you have met your soul mate, now multiply this happiness by 2.

They bought new big house and live together. A straight man with two bisexual women.