Does bisexual need to show the sexual orientation?

Does bisexual need to show the sexual orientation?

60% of person will rear a pet when they feel lonely. Most of them choose to rear a dog. Because of dog is friendly and lovely.

And not all people is suitable for rear pet. So that they join party everyday or travelling somewhere. There are many belly-laugh and wine in the party. It makes us break away from lonely provisory. Many people get together to have party and defence. The feeling of lonely comes back as soon as the party over. But so what, we were passing out. Travelling is another way to get peace of our heart. Beautiful images and the hardships of travel let us forget everything. It’s seems like we are a part of nature. This is best way to enjoy lonely. Someone choose to vagabondage in their whole life. This is the reason why backpacker is popular instantly. It’s the way to reflect the personal style of young people.

But for normal people, you will agree with none of the two ways. I think the perfect life is away from noisy party and laying on the sunshine. A lover instead of a dog accompany us, maybe both of them. Enjoy the nature is a good ideal, but we cannot brake away from the social of human. We need to work and live here.

Everyone expect to have the perfect life. As a bisexual, we can marry with someone and have few kids. Forget the sexuality and live with a normal partner and forget you are a bisexual. Can you?

We can only live once. We exist in the word isn’t only for reproduction. Exploring ourselves is the truth of life. Find out who you are, what you like, what you can do is important. Life is shot but we can burst out the most brilliant spark. The god arranged who you are at born. What should you do is accepting the gift and enjoy life.

Don’t know what to do? We don’t know what to do at born. As time goes on, we learn to speaking, walking, riding a bike. Until someday, we realized that we are bisexual. Maybe you don’t know there are how many bisexual in the world. Maybe you don’t know how find other bisexual. Even you don’t sure whether live as a bisexual. Yes, many questions around you. And you cannot solve anyone of them. Don’t worry about it. Onlybidating is a professional bisexual dating site. You can solve all your problems by chat with other bisexuals. No matter chat or have date with others, it’s a change to your life.