How to tell parents—I’m LGBT!


Others’ answer looks very good, but not really trying. Even if your parents can accept your classmate marry with men, does not mean they can accept that you married men (I by default you are GAY.) Coming out is a difficult thing, please do it very carefully. Even though you really didn't do anything wrong, just honestly to tell parents the fact. But In the name of charity, spend more time to protect them from hurt of our coming out, absolutely it’s right. What I really want say is the most difficulty thing is not the psychological disorders. Parental love is great, they can accept your coming out without difficult as you think. However, even if they accept the fact that they have LGBT son, but no one can blocked the criticism of neighbors, and it will hurt our family.  The later could be worse.

If you really want come out, there is nothing need you to prepare but to improve yourself. You can close your eyes and think, who is LGBT that will not be criticized from the world – there is no doubt that is a strongman.
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The first thing you need to do is to become an independent person. Although a bit cruel, but advise you that would better don’t live with your parents in a city. Meanwhile, economic independence, and the best is that pay for the parents’ living expenses.

The second thing you can do is to become an extolled person. Give them the psychological satisfaction on the one hand to make up for shortcomings on the other hand. Make parents feel that "such a good boy, why he hit by such a bad thing (no offense, from their perspective)", instead of "he/she is so failed, and to do such a thing, this is a disgrace".

You should also get the Right to speak at home. Make parents feel that no matter what the things you do is always right.

You can make your parents turn to like your partner. You can try it. But no matter what, your partner is someone's child. Your parents have no necessary to understand and sympathy you’re your partner (once again, no offense).

Not only finish the things mentioned above. At the same time you can letting parents know that homosexuality is normal intentionally or unintentionally. Not a disgrace. How to do this? ...Follow the stars.

There are many considerations ... ... All in all, coming out is absolutely difficult. On the caution! But don't give yourself too much pressure. As the upgrading of yourself is a good thing. You have a big incentive to do, but not bad!
Come on! Fight for you and your partner!