The truth you don’t know about gay marriage.

Does gay marriage different with normal marriage?
The same to straight, most gay are eager to a stable and enduring serious relationship. And they did. In fact, most of LGBT have a loyal relationship, many couples keep the relationship more than 10 years.

Are gay couple suitable to be parents?
A large number of facts have made direct comparisons of straight parents and gay parents, the results show consistently that gay and straight are equally fit and capable of becoming parents. And their children are equally mentally healthy and adapted to life.

Why the marriage is so important to gay couple?
In a loyal relationship, marriage could bring the couple support from economic and social, which can lead to more substantial health benefits. Married men and women usually experience more physical and mental health than men and women who only live together. In addition, living in a legitimate group for gay couple would be more likely to have a loyalty than living in a group that rejects marriage. It is unfounded to refuse gay’s marriage rights. And it would have a negative impact on them and their families and friends.