I hope there is no “homosexual” any more in the world one day.

I think the article will trigger some disputes. But if you are willing to discuss the topic with a curious heart, maybe we could have some new discover to ourselves. Please don’t comment before you have finished reading.

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The most painful thing in the world is ashamed that don’t know “Who I am?”
There is a place in everyone’s heart that will not expose to others easily. We are shamed of our appearance. We are shamed of our poverty. We are shamed of our character. We are shamed of our broken marriage… The most painful thing in the world is ashamed that don’t know “Who I am?” The most part of shame come from that we are different to the expectation of the society and the people around us. But if the difference is something we are born with or cannot change, what’s your feeling?

I have many homosexual friends. They are all very excellent in their character and morals. But they have no courage to tell the world “who I am”, just because they have different sexual orientation with most people. They are afraid of other’s hostility. They are afraid of their families couldn’t understand them. They are afraid of that their love couldn’t be admitted by the society. They are afraid of been deprived the right to be parents. Who can help them?

What is the difference between homosexual and heterosexual? I even think that the reason why we attack the people with different sexual orientation is that we want to shift our shame (I don’t want to face my shame so I must let you feel shame!)

I think the common part of human nature is far greater than our difference. We all know the greatest light of human nature is our kindness and respect for others. But why haven’t we done better?

I want to ask the so-called “straight-man and straight-woman”, can we be braver? To be brave enough to acknowledge your fears, to be brave enough to admit that you don’t really understand them, to be brave enough to confess your ignorance. To be brave enough to be yourself and allow them to be themselves.

So ordinary courage, do you dare to have it? I hope one day there will be no more “gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender” in the world, because we no longer judge anyone by sexual orientation. We can speak to anyone: “I like men or I like women”