You still have chance to become a bisexual.

Many bisexuals are coming out while you are hesitating whether to come out or not. It doesn’t means many bisexuals were coming out in public. They just live a real bisexual life. There are many bisexuals live around you. If you don’t open your windows, you will never find them.

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At first, try to accept yourself. Because we cannot support the person whom don’t trust himself. Yes, many people don’t accept bisexual, gay, trans… But life belong to ourselves, and we can only live once. Does others’ words worth you give up to looking for real self? Many people choose to live in others eyes. There are many tags in their life. A model never eat ice-cream because they must keep thin. A gay couldn’t hand in hand with his partner on street because someone will feel them strange.

Do you have same experience? You have a beautiful girlfriend but you love another boy more. Marry with the girl is a better choice to you. Forget the boy isn’t a difficult thing. You love girl, but your family and friends all think that you should have a boyfriend. Can you live with the person for whole lifetime whom you don’t love? Yes, you can. You are not the only one who choose this kind of life.

In most cases, we choose to compromise to the fact. It’s always been proved a right way. Why so many people like to watch the movies like Titanic and Melena? One side is their life is terrible, living like a prostitute. It seems that anyone could tread on your dignity. But you still remember who you are. What you will do? The other side is they want live like “Rose”, but have no courage to break the routine. If there is a choice, one is to be yourself now and another one is to be the one you want to be; which one is your choice?

We have prayed too much that the world could be changed one day. But it never changed. The world still don’t accept bisexual and gay. The world couldn’t be changed obviously, how about change ourselves at this moment? We don’t need to against anyone. Just try to accept ourselves. “I’m gay, I’m bisexual, I’m lesbian, I’m straight” for someday we can introduce ourselves like this. From now on, be a happy bisexual, gay, lesbian. Looking for true love without any tags. You are not Robinson, you have many friends around you. I and all members in bi3sum.com are waiting for you.