The Bi-Couple fall in love with me!

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When John walked into the hotel room, he was stunned. And the situation was very different from what he had imagined. Adam and a pretty woman were waiting for him in the room, they were sitting at the window and talking about something. John is bisexual, he met Adam on a bisexual dating site. This is not the first date. John is a single, so he think Adam is single too. They feel happiness when get together and they both like each other.

After have several dates, they start dating at a fixed time. Each weekend in different hotel. Adam is a more cheerful and active person. Adam will send email to John and told him the dating location on Saturday. John was on time every times. But they never asked each other the questions about their family and kept a tacit agreement with each other.

In the past, every time John entered the room, Adam is always ahead of time. And each time will give John a different surprise. Is hiding behind the door to give him a hug, and sometimes Adam’s wear is like to join a masquerade. John often wondered why two characters like them can actually get along very pleasant .John is a quiet people, and adam always feel the whole body has strength cannot used up.

But one thing is beyond doubt. Both of them are serious to loving each other. Whether it is a carefully selected dating room, or on time to participate in dating, they never let the other side disappointed. They live in the same city, but never go to the dwelling of other side. Only two people to join the date.

But this time it seems have a little bit of accident. A woman joined with no prepare. A very beautiful woman. John look at Adam and don’t no what to do. Adam seems to have long been knew john will have such a response. Take John’s hands and let him to be relax.

At this time, john began to look at this woman, she is undoubtedly a very beautiful woman .She is with her eyes watching him .This makes john feel very cramped .This time, the woman spoke, smiling and look at John said: “My name is Zoe, I'm adam 's wife, Adam often Mentioned you and I've always wanted to meet you. We are bisexual and we love each other. we prepare the meetting for a long time. Adam and I always wanted to find a partner, feel that life is perfect. We have been discussing who will look for the third person. But we can not convince each other, so we set an agreement. We will Look for the one we like. No matter who find it first, let him / her join the family after the other party's consent. It looks like he win.You've been dating for a while. You've liked each other very much. "Now, do you like me?

Here, zoe has slowly stood up.Go to john, slowly kissed his lips......