Do you want show your body to your partner?

bisexual free online date and have fun with gay&lesbian&straight

What’s your feeling when you open a window in computer there are some nudity picture? (For example a threesome date, two gays are kissing, a man have sex with two bisexual women) Watching the picture and fanatic the image, or close the window fast? Why I ask the question? Different activity shows different attitude when facing the erotica.

More or less we will touch some erotica in the daily life. Some people will be happy to accept it. But most people was shame to face it. Turn away right now or close the movie, picture, TV this is the most common performance. This is a situation we cannot avoid if we live in the world.

So, there is a question. Why the people have different attitude to erotica? I think the social-cultural background account for the largest percentage. We cannot say that witch cultural is more excellent. But we can choose to enjoy our life.

No matter you like the erotica or not. You will sleep and have sex with your partner. No matter you are gay, bisexual, lesbian, straight expect the frigidity people. Just have sex with different way. Are you shame to show your body to your partner. If the answer is yes. I think you should try to change your mind. We know proper shame is good for your chat up. But excessive shyness may take away a lot of fun when you have sex. Have sex is the instinct of a human. We shouldn’t suppress it in a reasonable situation.

Open your mind, open your arms to enjoy the love. Not only you can becomes more confidence, but also can improve your quality of sexual life. Open doesn’t means libertinism. It dependent on who is your partner to have sex.

bisexual free online date and have fun
Many good movies was banned for many years, because of some movie plot have erotica. When it remove the ban years later. We watch it again with newest perspective. And we will find that we can accept the movie very easy. It’s not the director cannot control the erotica plot in the movie. They would rather the movie been banned than delete the erotica pieces. There is only one thing they want to talk to us, it’s they want to break the old notion and encourage people to enjoy the life, and the feeling when have sex with partner.

It’s very hard to change mind right now. It’s a slow process. But you get the new life when the moment you decide to have change.

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