Why so many young bisexual like 419?

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Many young bisexual like to have for one night date. But the seniority bisexual more like build relationship. I think not bisexual, the gay and straight have the common situation. Why bisexual young people more like to have 419 date? Let’s talk about it below.

For the young people, they like free life. Tons of young people are happy being single or just sleeping around while not being in a relationship, or being in different dynamics. Yes, we are young is a very powerful word. If you don’t make mistake, if you don’t date with different people, it is no meaning for your young age. This is a general mind of young people. They are full of curious to the sexuality and daring to do anything. One-night date and threesome have great appeal to them. Not only bisexual but also gay,lesbian,straight people were attracted.

For the seniority people, they had dated a lot of people in the past years. There are a lot of California hotel in their dream. They know that who is the people they need most. So that we often hear the words “I need someone love me, and have a serious relationship” from seniority people. Of cause, not every seniority are the same. In fact, only little part of them want have a long-time relationship. The curious to sexuality will never disappear in people’s mind.

What the difference between people and animal is we can think. But what we are same to animal is we all have lust. And the more we younger the more lust stronger. This the reason why we discuss “why so many young bisexual like 419”. 

Bisexual can attract by both sexual. It means they have more choice to looking for date. E.g. there is a bisexual woman. If she like boys, she can date with a boy. If she like girls, she can date with a girl. If she like both sexual, she can have a threesome date. At the same time, the boy and girl could be straight and gay/lesbian. So many chances make them have a lot of choices. For many bisexuals, they can hardly identify themselves at young age. They need more date to make sure like (girl, boy or both sexual). But once they were identified as bisexual. Their life will have two different situations.

One situation is they make sure to love man or woman. So, they may live as the same as a straight or gay. Another situation is they make sure to love both man and woman. These bisexual are opening the gate of heaven. Just enjoy the wonderful life. You can join any one-night date and threesome. I think this is the reason why the gay,lesbian,straight want to fake as bisexual.