A bisexual boy.

I’m a straight man before 20 years old. Like sexy girl, neighbor girl, opposite sex friends. I liked a girl for three years. In the end, she become the girlfriend of another boy. 

When I’m 20 years old. People around me begin to talk about gay. To be influenced by others, I think gay is a very cool. Gay couple could know each other closer. Then, one of my friend come out. It makes me surprised. Let me find out that gay is not uncommon, they are living around us. I begin to read articles about gay. I think I have accept it and I don’t reject to begin a gay relationship. 

Maybe it’s chain reaction. Someone come out before long. I begin to expect a gay relationship. At this time, a classmate confession to me. He is a very cute boy. I’m taking care of him in the past time. I think it’s the reason why he fall in love with me. But the relationship didn’t last a long time. 
Because we were graduated and worked in different city. We can hardly to meet each other. 

I have a girlfriend this year. She isn’t very beautiful but very smart and kind. We live in the same city. But in fact our relationship is above the friendship but below the couple. I hint myself in the heart that “I like her very much”. But obvious, it doesn’t work. 

I had a boyfriend and a girlfriend so far. And I’m sure that I had ever loved them. I think I’m not a gay, also not a straight. I’m a bisexual. 

It’s hard to find right people. I have more chance than normal people. But I think it is more difficult for me to find right people. No matter homosexual or heterosexuality should have clear position and emotional attitude. I should take different attitude to face two kind of people (same sex, opposite sex). I’m confused. I don’t know the way to love someone. Because I’m a bisexual.